About Amiplus

Bakery Ingredients

Amiplus Sdn Bhd is a distributor and supplier of a wide range of bakery ingredients to bakeries, patisseries, hotels and restaurants in the area. With a comprehensive product list that covers almost all imaginable bakery ingredients and very competitive pricing, we offer you the best possible selection of products you will need to run your bakery smoothly.

Available to Serve Your Business

Amiplus Sdn Bhd was formed with the motive of supporting local food service organizations by providing them high quality, affordable and comprehensive range of bakery ingredients, regardless of what their culinary needs are. With a central location, good distribution network and a list of high quality, diverse bakery ingredients, you will be able to rely on us to provide you the products you need for your bakery.

High Quality Products

Our focus always has been on maintaining high quality standards. We believe that your final products will only be as good as the ingredients you use. This is one of the reasons why we spend so much time and effort in sourcing products that are consistently high quality. Our bakery ingredients will allow you to create quality bakery products that your customers will love and appreciate. They will take your cooking and baking to a whole new level. We bring you professional quality, bulk bakery ingredients that are hard to find elsewhere, even in high end grocery stores.

Since establishing our company, Amiplus Sdn Bhd has had a very simple focus- to provide home cooks, chefs and bakers the best bakery ingredients and products from countries around the world. These high quality products are priced at a very competitive rate so you can control the prices of your final products and continue to be profitable. Feel free to browse through our diverse selection of bakery ingredients.

Hello bakers, welcome to the Amiplus Bakery Ingredients website! We will be updating on latest classes and must-have products here so check back soon!