Bakery Wholesale

If you need bakery wholesale supply, Amiplus Sdn Bhd is the right company for you. We are a one stop destination for all your baking needs. Whether you are a home cook, a large restaurant or a small bakery, you can depend on us to provide you high quality bakery wholesale products.

Quality Items

Amiplus Sdn Bhd understands the needs of the bakery industry and we do everything possible to meet the requirements of our clients by providing them the best quality items they need in their kitchens. Our supply list will accommodate all your needs and provide you everything from cake supplies and pie pans to gelatins, baking powder and everything else you need. More importantly we provide you all of these products at bakery wholesale prices so you can get an amazing deal on all the ingredients you need. We are always fully stocked and therefore ready to handle orders of all sizes.

An Extensive Selection of Items

Amiplus Sdn Bhd is proud to offer an outstanding selection of specialty baking ingredients that are hard to find elsewhere in the area. We source high quality items and products from around the world and strive to offer our clients an exceptional range of specialty ingredients from other countries including world renowned brands that are known for their extremely good quality.

Reliable Services And Commitment

When you contact Amiplus Sdn Bhd for your bakery wholesale needs, you can expect to receive committed, dedicated services. We always keep our store fully stocked to provide timely delivery to our clients. We are dedicated to making the lives of our clients easy and are always eager to provide them high quality ingredients along with exceptional services. We handle even the most delicate ingredients in the right way to ensure that they reach you safely.